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With our expertise and established network in the industry, we offer comprehensive sourcing services to meet all the needs of our brand clients. From finding reliable suppliers to sourcing quality products, fabrics and more, we are a one-stop shop for all your needs. Our years of experience and deep understanding of the industry also allows us to provide insightful advice on the best options for quotations, custom clearances, logistics and more.

Collection Preparation

At Mitra, we strive to provide the most comprehensive services for our clients. Our ability to stay ahead of industry trends and provide expert guidance on current fashion and design allows us to offer unique collection preparation services. We are dedicated to helping our clients develop their own brand identity and bring their vision to life. Our team of experienced professionals are equipped with the knowledge and resources to provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process, from concept development to production. Whether you need assistance with the creative and design direction or simply a partner to help bring your ideas to life, we are here to assist you every step of the way. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are always ahead of the curve and producing the highest quality products that truly reflect their unique brand identity.


At Mitra, we provide a wealth of quality fashion products from trusted suppliers in the industry. We offer a diverse range of in-stock design collections and also work closely with merchandising teams to bring their unique visions to life at competitive prices.

Whether you need help in finding new suppliers or have an established network, we offer our support in the buying process and can even manage the entire buying and manufacturing process for you. Our team is on-site at our production facilities and keeps you updated throughout the entire production chain.

With years of experience and a highly personalized approach, our clients can count on a seamless buying experience. Let us help you streamline your procurement process.

Production Planning and Monitoring

Our success in the textile industry is built on our commitment to providing reliable production for our clients. We have teams stationed at factories and suppliers, as well as a dedicated quality control, merchandising, and inspection team that closely monitors the production process. Each client is assigned a personal production manager who serves as their primary point of contact throughout the entire manufacturing cycle. Our office team stays closely involved in the production, communicating regularly with clients to ensure timely delivery of their orders.

As the representatives of our clients in Turkey, we offer a full-service production and manufacturing solution that covers every aspect of the production process. This includes production planning and scheduling, quoting, sourcing of fabrics and accessories, pattern making, sampling, digitizing, grading, marker making, cutting, manufacturing, quality control, fitting, labeling, packing, and logistics, all managed by experienced industry professionals.

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