As a team of professional with years of experience and network, we constantly source products and suppliers for our brand clients.

With our sourcing service our clients enjoy having a one stop shop experience.

We are able to source suppliers, products, fabrics, and any other needs that our clients want to meet.

As we have been in the industries over generations, we can advice on the best options in terms of quotations, custom clearances, logistics, and so on.



As we are always on top of industry trends, we are happy to curate collections for our clients, give them a creative and design direction and inspiration as needed, and proceed with production.



We are surrounded by a deluge of quality fashion products from suppliers in the industry. We offer design collections available and in stock all year round as well as we work with merchandising teams to bring their designs into life, with competitive pricing.

Whether you are looking for new suppliers or you have a network of existing suppliers, we can assist you in your buying process or manage the entire buying and manufacturing process for you. We have on-ground presence at our production facilities and keep you regularly updated and informed of the entire production chain.

Our clients benefit from our years of experience and highly personalized service in the market.

We can help you have a smooth buying processes.


Our reputation comes from providing our clients with reliable production. We our teams working (on site) at factories & suppliers and a quality control, merchandising and inspection team that keeps track of the production.  Each client works with a personal production manager who is your point of contact throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our office team will monitor the production and communicate with you at each step of the production process meet the timelines..

We become the representers of our brand clients in Turkey and offer a complete production and manufacturing service.

The whole cycle is consisted of; production planning and scheduling, quoting, advice and sourcing of fabrics and accessories, pattern making, sampling, digitizing, grading, marker making and cutting, manufacturing,  quality control, fitting service, labeling, packing and logistics – all managed by experienced industry experts in fashion production.